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Nightlife in Belgrade begins during the day, with a mental preparation routine better known as gluvarenje or blejanje (gloo-vah-reh-nye & bleh-yah-nye), a local slang for chillaxing, best performed in one of many cafés & bars.
Belgrade cafés are always packed with Belgraders, even during the working hours, which is something of a mystery to the visitors from abroad. Even the scientific community is puzzling over this problem, because the laws of physics are adamant that a body (specifically that of an employed Belgrader or a student) may not be in two places at the same time, and the serious economic situation in the country is further complicating the matter.
Strahinjića Bana Street
It helps to know that for some Belgraders coffee break does not start before the waiter brings the order to the table. Belgraders love open spaces, which is why owners of cafés make efforts to create the perfect outdoor setting, be it on a pavement, rooftop terrace or in a garden. The main venues for gluvarenje are typically abounding in cafés: Obilićev Venac St. (used by girls during the day to compare notes on their tiring shopping sprees and gossip in general), Njegoševa Street at Cvetni Trg, Kosovska Street behind the Parliament building, the corner of Palmotićeva and Milutina Bojića Streets...
There is also the famous Strahinjića Bana Street, known as the “Silicon Valley” or the “Aquarium” (riba, literally a fish, being a slang for a girl), and you will love the place if you are itching to parade your new Maserati or if you are a shady businessman looking for a place to close a deal. At any rate, it is not a place where you will see a lonely girl poring over a book.


The cafés lining the beaches of Ada Ciganlija Lake are very popular from late June until late September. Most are equipped with sunbeds and loungers for lazing in the sun and mustering strength and energy for a night out. In the evening, cafés are lit by candles and torches, and a complementary blanket will be offered if the night is cold. For those after some action, there are lighted courts for beach volleyball available for hire. Some venues are open throughout the year. Warning: there are no lifeguards at night, and a night swim after several drinks can be truly dangerous.
Mamma's Biscuit House
Most Belgrade cafés have pretty much dismissed the traditional strong coffee brew, favouring the espresso machines, and Belgraders usually order a stretched espresso because they like to take time over their drink. The standard espresso does not lend itself to "blejanje". Smoking is allowed in most cafés, and under the applicable laws, venues smaller than 80 square meters may decide to become either fully smoking or non-smoking. Some cafés have such good vibe that you will not want to go anywhere else.


Crveni Petao
A: Cara Lazara 16, Tel: 062-222-203. Open: Mon -Thu 8-24, Fri-Sat 8-01. A large outdoor bar counter and a terrace occupy a small leafy square between Gračanička and Cara Lazara Streets. A trendy place to strike a pose with a cocktail in hand. Map H6


A: Kej oslobođenja (Zemun), Tel: 3194-971. Open: Mon-Sun 11-01. A mecca for those who like to get all dolled up, to see and be seen, it boasts the most attractive terrace above water. It offers cocktails, light meals and cakes. The lovely if pretentious café for lounging by the river during the day, turns by night into a crowded pop and turbo folk joint. Map D4
Amsterdam Beograd

A: Kneginje Ljubice 18, Tel: 3285-857. Open: Mon -Thu 9-24, Fri-Sat 9-01. A very pretty garden in the courtyard of a building, great for sitting back while sipping a coffee or a cocktail. Map H6
Crveni Rak
A: Beogradska 14 (near Zemun quay and market), Tel: 3731-853. Open: 10-02. A small and relaxed bar with a good selection of pale and dark, bottled and tap beers, rakija, friendly service, and blues or rock in the background. Map C2
Crveni rak

A: Kosovska 33, Tel: 3037-794. Open: Mon-Sun 9-24. Coffee, cocktails and wine by the glass. Popular with hipsters and artsy crowds. Also convenient for a break from sightseeing. Map I7
Red Bar
A: Skadarska 17, 063-287-359. Open: Mon-Sun 11-02. Convenient for young travellers who would like to see Skadarlija, but do not care to go to a traditional restaurant. It has an outdoor terrace at street level from which you can observe the hustle and bustle of Skadarlija at leisure. Crowded in the evening. Map I6
A: Sava quay, end of Omladinskih brigada St., block 70, Tel: 066-111-444. Open: Mon-Sun 9-01. A floating café bar with two fine and spacious terraces boasting lovely view of the river and sunset. A decent choice of meals and deserts and very professional staff. Cocktail bar Cruise is right next. Map I9

Korzo, blok 70


A: quay near Belgrade Fair (opposite the biggest exhibition hall). Open: Mon-Sun 10-01. A small boat surrounded by rafts is a favourite with cool Belgraders, up-and-coming artists, writers and photographers. Patrons sit right next to the water, drink tap beer, eat pizza and enjoy the splendid sunset. Map E9

A: Kosančićev Venac 28, Tel: 2622-446. A laid-back café on a cobbled street near Kalemegdan. In summertime, it is a lovely place to sit back and relax over a drink and enjoy the view, if you are lucky enough to get a table outside. In wintertime, you can have mulled wine inside, rubbing shoulders with art students from the nearby academy. Map G6

A: Kralja Petra 73, Tel: 069-4464-056. Open: Mon-  Sun 9-01. Its outdoor patio in the courtyard of an old building is very popular during summer. They are known for their freshly pressed fruit juices and they serve breakfast, light meals and cakes. Map H5

A: Skerlićeva 20, Tel: 2432-405. Open: Mon-Sun 9-24. A place popular with Belgraders who take it easy, dress smart and like to show it. A table is hard to find.
Map I9

A: Čunarska 1 (Zemun), Tel: 2612-096. Open: Mon-  Sun 10-24. For romantic get-togethers. Map C1
Galerija Zemun
Villa Maska
A: Rankeova 7, Tel:2446-012, Open: Mon-Sat 8-01, Sun 10-01. Café and restaurant spread on several levels of a house with a garden near St Sava Temple. Swanky interior, menu based on Italian cuisine, live jazz or pop on weekends. Map I9


Rakia bar
A: Dobračina 5, Tel: 3286-119, Open: Mon-Sun. 9-24. More than 100 different sorts of Serbian Rakija, each served with a special snack.
Map I9
Klub Svetskih Putnika
A: Bulevar Despota Stefana 7, Tel: 3242-303, Open: Mon-Fri 13-24, Sat-Sun 15- 24. A quaint and snug little café in the basement of a residential building featuring comfortable ambience, old photos, books on far-away countries, and a cat sprawled on the stove. It offers sandwiches and salads during the day. Map I6
Klub svetskih putnika
Moritz Eis

A: Vuka Karadžića 9, Tel: 060-5544-455. Open: Mon-Sun 10-01. Artisan ice cream made of 100% natural ingredients, without additives and taste enhancers. It comes in cones or cups or by kilo, always fresh, so flavours change daily. Be surprised by the most unexpected fruit & vegetable flavour combos in Belgrade. Map H6

Moritz Eis
Mali Princ

A: Palmotićeva 27, Tel: 3226-161. Open: Mon-Sat 8- 24, Sun 10-24. A large choice of delicious cakes, coffee and tea. Morning is the best time of the day to quietly savour coffee over newspapers, with birds warbling in the background. Map I6
Mamma's Biscuit House
A: Strahinjića Bana 72a, Tel: 3283-805. Open: Mon-Sun 9-01. In case you have a sugar drop whilst strolling round Dorćol, the best thing is to visit this patisserie with an excellent selection of cakes and alcoholic beverages. Map I5
A: Kralja Milutina 1, Tel: 063/7851-378. Open: Mon- Fri. 9-23:30, Sat. 9-01, Sun. 10-23. A nice place to relax with a good book and hot apple juice with a cinnamon. They serve light meals and cakes. Map I8
Dokolica bistro

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