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Recommended Concerts

  6/Friday - 20:00 - Antje Weithaas
& Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra; Kolarac
    Programme: Brahms, Webern,Tchaikovsky
  7/Saturday - 20:00 -
ZARDONIC; New Belgrade Sports Hall
  9/Monday - 21:00 - FINK; Dom omladine
11/Wednesday - 20:00 - GLINKA Choir; Kolarac
14/Saturday - 20:00 - ST. GEORGE STRINGS; Kolarac
    Programme: Bach, Tartini, Corelli, Respighi

14/Saturday - 20:30 - The Beatles Story; New Belgrade Sports Hall
16/Monday - 20:00 -
ODJILA; Dadov Theatre
16/Monday - 20:00 - ALEXANDER SINCHUK; Kolarac
    Programme: Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff

19/Thursday - 20:00 - NURIA RIAL
19/Thursday - 22:00 - BERNHOFT; New BitefArtCafe
20/Friday - 20:00 - YURY REVICH & RTS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; Kolarac
    Programme: Jovičin, Paganini, Prokofiev

23/Monday - 21:00 - ANATHEMA; Dom omladine
24/Tuesday - 20:00 - NATAŠA VELJKOVIĆ; Kolarac
    Programme: Mozart, Chopin

24/Tuesday - 20:00 - Ilhan Ersahin Istanbul Sessions; Dom omladine
26/Thursday - 19:30 -
Eyot, Jan Lundgren, Mattias Svensson & String Quartet,
     23:00 - Jakob Bro Trio, Marius Neset Quartet; Dom omladine
27/Friday - 19:30 - Wolfert Brederode Trio, Nitai Hershkovits,
     23:00 -
Marc Ribot & The Young Philadelphians, Kris Davis and Billy
     Drummond; Dom omladine
27/Friday - 20:00 - Philipp Kopachevsky
& Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra;
    Programme: Strauss, Konjović, Scriabin; Kolarac
28/Saturday - 19:30 -
Eva Klesse Quartet, Giovanni Guidi; Dom omladine
28/Saturday - 20:00 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; Kombank Arena
28/Saturday - 23:00 - Emile Parisien Quartet; Dom omladine
29/Sunday - 19:30 - Mats Eilertsen „Rubicon“, Joshua Redman; Sava centre
29/Sunday - 23:00 - Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio, Peter Evans Septet;
     Dom omladine

30/Monday - 20:00 - Donny McCaslin Group, Matija Dedić; Sava centre
30/Monday - 23:00 - Sanja Marković, Space Tigers, Tapan; Dom omladine

  3/Friday - 21:00 - ŠKRTICE; Dom omladine
  7/Tuesday - 20:30 - MARK LANEGAN BAND; Dom omladine
10/Friday - 20:00 - Alexandrov Ensemble; Sava centre
11/Saturday - 20:00 - BETH HART;
New Belgrade Sports Hall
11/Saturday - 20:00 -
ZVONKO BOGDAN; Sava centre
15/Wednesday - 20:00 - RIBLJA ČORBA; Sava cent
20/Monday - 21:00 - THE RESIDENTS; Dom omladine
22/Wednesday - 22:00 - ROBERT GLASPER TRIO; New BitefArtCafe
23/Thursday - 22:00 - ROBERT GLASPER TRIO; New BitefArtCafe

24/Friday - 20:00 - THE FRAJLE; Sava cent
24/Friday - 20:00 - LUIS FONSI; Kombank Arena

  3/Sunday - 20:00 - BOŽO VREĆO; Sava centre
  7/Thursday - 20:00 - SCORPIONS; Kombank Arena
  7/Thursday - 20:
30 - MARIZA; Sava centre
22/Friday - 20:00 - Massimo Savić; Sava centre


Recommended Events
1 January: The Street of the Open Heart. New Year’s Carnival in Svetogorska Street. The programme for children (actors, musicians, Santa Clause) and adults (cooked brandy and wine for a good morning) starts at noon.
13 January: Celebration of (Serbian) New Year by the Julian calendar. Special programme in the Clubs and Restaurants.
19 January: Twelfth-day. Traditional diving for the “Epiphany Cross” on Ada Ciganlija (in the lake) and on the Danube (Zemun quay). The bravest of young men test their stamina and speed in icy waters.
February: FEST. International, non-competitive film festival. It takes place in Sava Centre, with additional programs in Belgrade Cultural Centre and the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archives.
17 March: St. Patric's Day - traditional concert of Ortodox Celts.
20-25 March: Guitar Art Festival.
March: Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.
March: Belgrade Dance Festival.
Belgrade Marathon. Apart from the international marathon there is a half-marathon and a joy-race for amateurs. People run through the streets of Belgrade, on a Saturday morning.
April: Belgrade Fashion Week.
May: Group Wedding Ceremony. City Hall, 10:30.
May: Night of Museums, 18-02;
25 May: (40 days after Easter) Ascension Day. The religious procession starts from Vaznesenjska crkva (Church of the Ascension). A great number of Belgrade citizens participate in this religious procession.
May: Mixer. The biggest regional festival of creative arts.
August: Beerfest. Festival of beer and music at the Friendship Park (New Belgrade). About 20 varieties of beer on the stalls of the manufacturers. Rock concerts start at 18:00 and last far into the night.
BITEF. International festival of the new theatrical tendencies. Competitive. It takes place in theatres with several additional
October: October Salon. Presents authors in the areas of visual and applied arts and design, together with the guests from abroad. It takes place in a couple of city museums and galleries. It lasts the whole month.
The Joy of Europe. International meeting of children where they show song and dances from their countries. It takes place in Children’s Cultural Centre, Sava Centre and other outdoor places in the city.
October: Rollerblade Festival, 9:00 Republic Square.
Belgrade Design Week. The annual meeting point of South East Europe’s creative industries. Showcasing graphic design, architecture, digital media, branding, advertising, music, TV, art, publishing, film and all other forms of design related business.
Belgrade Fashion Week.
October: Jazz Festival. Famous world and native jazz players in close contact with the audience in "Dom omladine".
October: Belgrade Book Fair. International fair of publishers where you can buy books. Every year a different country is an honourary guest of the fair.
Auteur Film Festival. The Festival will feature many auteur films from all over the world. Belgrade film buffs love auteur films and theatres are always packed, so get your tickets on time.
Balkan Urban Experience.
31 December:
New Year's Celebration. Organised celebration on the main city squares and streets, with live music and fireworks. All restaurants and discos prepare special programmes. Due to a great number of foreign visitors, it is best to book a hotel room at least one month before the holidays.

Recommended Live Music Bars & Restaurants

Akademija 28,
Nemanjina 28, Tel: 3619-342, Music: Fri-Sat. 22:00 (Jazz, Rock).
Kralja Milana 2, Tel: 4077-364; Music:
Wed-Thu 21-24, Fri-Sat. 22-02 (Pop, Rock, Latino).
New Bitef Art Cafe,
Mitropolita Petra 8 (Palilula Cultural Centre), Tel: 063/594-294; Music: Thu-Sat. 21:30 (Rock, Pop, Latino). Summer stage at Belgrade Fortress.
Black Panthers, Ada Ciganlija bb, Tel: 063/369-655; Music: Mon-Sun. 23-04 (Gypsy music).
Caruso, Terazije 23 (8 floor), Tel: 3248-037, Music: Thu. 20-01, (Evergreen).
Dva jelena, Skadarska 32, Tel: 3234-885, Music: Mon-Sun. 20-01 (Traditional urban music).
Jazz Garden,
Male stepenice 1a, Tel: 062/8711-475, Music: Mont-Sun. 20-01 (Jazz).
Karađorđeva 2-4 (Beton hall), Tel: 2181-107; Music: Mon-Sat. 21:00 (Pop, Latino).
Karađorđeva 2-4 (Beton hall), Tel: 3283-749; Music: Mon-Sun. 19-01, (Jazz).
Kasina, Terazije 25, Tel: 066/222-152, Music: Mon-Sun. 22-02 (Pop, Rock)
Little Bay, Dositejeva 9a, Tel: 3284-163; Music: Mon. 20:30-23 (Jazz), Tue. 20:30-23 (Serbian), Wed-Sun. 20:30-23 (Opera arias, Classical).
Ulica, Balkanska 13, Tel: 064/6109-984; Music: Fri-Sat. 21:30-01 (Jazz).
Reka, Kej oslobodenja 73b (Zemun), Tel: 2611-625; Music: Sunday-Thursday   21-01, Fri-Sat. 22-02 (Pop, Evergreen).
Sunset, Ada Ciganlija (Makiš side of Lake), 063/8073-210, Music: Mon-Sun. 21:00 (Pop, Rock, Latino).
Šešir moj, Skadarska 21, Tel: 3228-750, Music: Mon-Sun. 18-01 (Traditional urban music).
Toulouse Lautrec, Resavska 24, 062/1560-895; Music: Wed. 21-01 (Tango Milonga), Fri-Sat. 22-02 (Pop, Latino)
Tramvaj, Ruzveltova 2, Tel: 065/8726-825, Muzika: Mon-Sun. (Rock, Blues, Latino, Quiz, Karaoke).
Tabor, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 348, Tel: 2412-464, Music: Mon-Sat. 21-02 (Traditional urban music).
Tri šešira, Skadarska 29, Tel: 3247-501, Music: Mon-Sun. 14-18, 20-01 (Traditional urban music).
Velike stepenice
, Stairway to the Port, near Austrian Embassy; Tel: 2634-124; Music: Fri-Sat. 22:00 (Pop, Latino).


Kombank arena, Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 58 (New Belgrade). Map D6
Tel: 0900-11-00-11; Box Office: Mon-Fri. 10-20, Sat. 10-15.
Sava Centre, Milentija Popovića 9 (New Belgrade); Tel: 220-6060;
Box Office: working days 10-17, Sat. 10-15; Map E7
Kolarac,Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5; Tel:2630-550;
Box Office: working days 10-14, 14:30-19:30; Map H6
Dom sindikata, Trg Nikole Pašića 5; Tel:3234-849; B. Office:13-22 Map I7
SKC - Student Cultural Centre, Kralja Milana 48; Map I8
Dom omladine (Belgrade Youth Center), Makedonska 22; Tel: 3248-202;
Box Office: Mon-Sat 10-22; Map I6
BelExpo Centre, corner of Treći bulevar and Španskih boraca St. Map C7
Hala sportova (New Belgrade Sports Hall), Pariske komune 20. Map B4
Tašmajdan Stadium, Ilije Garašanina 24 Map J7
Božidarac, Radoslava Grujića 3, Tel: 3443-446. Mapa K9
Mixer, Karađorđeva 46. Map G6

National Theatre, Republic Square, Box Office: 2620-946. Open: Mon-Sat. 11-15 and 17-event start time (Sun. 17 - event start time). Repertoire: Opera, Drama, Ballet. Map H6
Terazije Theatre, Terazije 29, Box Office: 3229-943. Open: Tue-Sat. 13-19:30, Sun. 17-19:30. Repertoire: Musicals. Map H7
Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Kralja Milana 50, Box Office: 3061-957, Open: Mon-Sat. 10-15 and 17-event start time (Sun. 19-event start time). Repertoire: Drama. Map I8
Madlenianum, Glavna 32 (Zemun), Box Office: 3162-797. Open: Mon-Fri. 10-20, Sat. 10-14:30 (Sat-Sun. 17-event start time). Repertoire: Opera, Drama, Musicals. Map C1
Zvezdara Theatre, Milana Rakića 38, Box Office: 2419-664. Open: Mon-Fri. 9-15, Sat. 11-15, Sun. 11-13 and 2 hours before start time. Repertoire: Drama. Off Map
Atelje 212, Svetogorska 21, Box Office: 3246146. Open: Mon-Tue. Thu-Sat. 10-14 and 18-event start time, Wed. 10-14, Sun. 18 - event start time. Repertoire: Drama. Map I6
Bitef Theatre, Mira Trailović Square, Box Office: 069/8992-400. Open: Mon-Sun. 18 - event start time. Repertoire: Drama, Ballet. Map I6
Bilet centar, Trg Republike 5, Tel: 2628-342, working days 9-20, Sat.10-20
Eventim, Dom omladine, Makedonska 22, Mon-Sat. 10-22,
Ticketline, Dom sindikata, Dečanska 14, working days 9-19, Sat.12-18

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